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Get More Customers


Maximize your customer base with our lead nurturing and follow-up automations. Effortlessly stay on top of potential sales with hot lead alerts sent directly to your phone via text message, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to grow your business.

Appointments Made Easy


Simplify scheduling with our appointment page, seamlessly integrated with Google and Outlook calendars. Book more meetings without the back-and-forth.

All Messages In One Place


Talk to leads through calls, texts, emails, Google, Facebook and Instagram messages. Our desktop and mobile app makes chatting easy, helping you create engaging follow-ups and win customers on the go.

Get More Reviews & Referrals


Automatically earn more reviews and client referrals using the best industry methods and marketing automation. Gain trust and grow your business with ease.

Rank Higher On Google


Boost your local visibility with our SEO package, designed to deliver the strongest signals that push your business to the top of search results. With our expert strategies, your local business will stand out, attracting more customers and driving growth

Send Quotes & Get Paid


Streamline your sales process with our easy-to-use proposal and invoice management system. Send quotes and get paid with minimal hassle, keeping your focus on growing your business.

Mobile App


Our clients can easily manage their leads conversations, appointments and request reviews via our easy to use mobile app.

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Fast Converting Website

Chat Widget

Capture Leads

Better Ranking

Mobile App

Responsive Device Layout

Client Database

Sales Pipeline

Reputation Management

Advanced Scheduling

Build Trust

Call Recording

Send SMS A2P

Automate Follow-up


"Phone Tree"

Email Marketing

Google My Business

Integrate Your Social Media

Simple To Use

Save Time

Multiple Users

Collect Payment

Get Recurring Payments

Send Invoice

Stand Out In Your Area

Land Clients


... and so much more!



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Meet Jor Bassetti

We're here to guide you to navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our mission is simple: to help your business thrive in the digital world with minimal fuss and maximum impact.

KeyScale Systems is not just about smart solutions; it's about making those solutions work for you, effortlessly. We're here to streamline your processes, enhance your online presence, and connect you with your customers like never before. Let's grow together!

  • Unified Business Operations: Providing a comprehensive solution that integrates CRM, marketing, sales, and communication into one platform, simplifying the management of your local business.

  • Business Expansion Support: Dedicated to fueling the growth of local businesses by supplying robust tools for attracting leads, securing new customers, and ensuring their loyalty.

  • Operational Efficiency: Boosting productivity by automating routine tasks and processes, freeing up valuable time to focus on core business activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to be up and running?

You get immediate access to our lead management app. We will also craft a new website or integrate yours in 14 days or less.V

Is there a Mobile App?

Yes! You will have full conversation functionality and limited CRM functions available through our “LeadConnector” app.

What if I already have a website I like?

If you do not want a new website, we can integrate your existing website with our CRM and smart features. We can do so as long as your existing website is using WordPress. This is a manual process done by our technicians and you don’t need to worry about dealing with tech stuff.

Will this Help my Google Reviews?

Yes! Using some simple workflows and automations, we can ask for a Google review on EVERY customer and repost them onto your website. This increased social proof will lead to more business and more reviews. More reviews leads to a better ranking on Google and more business.

Can I manage my social & Google DM's in KeyScale Systems?

Yes! Our app integrates with all of your social inboxes and brings them all into a single, easily managed mailbox inside the platform.

Will this Help my Google Reviews?

Yes! Using some simple workflows and automations, we can ask for a Google review on EVERY customer and repost them onto your website. This increased social proof will lead to more business and more reviews. More reviews leads to a better ranking on Google and more business.

What is the KeyScale Phone System?

KeyScale Systems offers an innovative communication solution with a range of services including phone numbers, messaging, voice calls, and automation features like missed call text back, designed for small businesses in the US and Canada.

What is the cost of purchasing a phone number through KeyScale Systems?

 Monthly charges for phone numbers with KeyScale Systems are $1.15 for local numbers and $2.15 for toll-free numbers in the US and Canada.

How is SMS pricing determined in KeyScale Systems?

SMS pricing for KeyScale Systems is based on the number of segments, with both outbound and inbound SMS priced at $0.0079 per segment for both local and toll-free numbers in the US and Canada.

The cost may increase for SMS due to messages being segmented. Messages exceeding 160 characters are divided into parts, with each part charged as a separate segment, leading to higher costs.

A text segment in SMS services refers to the division of SMS messages into smaller parts, each with a character limit of 160. If your message exceeds 160 characters, it's split into multiple segments, with each segment billed as a separate SMS. This segmentation means that longer messages will result in higher charges due to the increased number of segments sent. For example, a message containing 161 characters would be considered two segments and billed as two separate SMS messages, impacting the overall cost depending on the volume and length of the messages you send or receive.

What are the rates for voice calls with KeyScale Systems?

Voice call rates with KeyScale Systems are $0.0140 per minute for outbound calls and $0.0085 per minute for inbound calls to local numbers, and $0.0220 to toll-free numbers in the US and Canada.

Are there any other charges I should be aware of with KeyScale Systems?

Additional services like client minutes for calling, call recording, answering machine detection, voicemail drops, and conference calls are subject to charges, aligned with Twilio's pricing.

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